Breakout The Bride



We can cater for groups between 5 and 16. A 2 hour combination of our 5* escape rooms and a village escape game using village landmarks and some of the bars, this game is personalised with props and questions from the grooms side for both teams to find and answer. The Bride is centre stage for the entire 2 hours and takes part in everything as team leader. For larger groups try “Groom on the Loose” or “The Cube”

2/4 Teams of 2 to 8 players must work together to become victorious!  The actual groom is contacted by the constable in charge of the case with a list of 10 questions. Final score will be tallied up from village escape game and escape room minutes left on clock. Everyone gets to chill over plenty of bubbly while the hosts mark the answers and give out the results. Team photographs at end, personalised gift for bride and a goodie bag to take away. €35 per person.**PLEASE CALL /EMAIL TO BOOK THIS ACTIVITY. [email protected]

This room is accessible. 

Book through email [email protected]


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