Escape Rooms

✅Larry's Lockdown Lounge - New for Dec 23

You're in the village during a little pandemic, nothing is open, a local tells you to check out Larry's Lounge down by the Old Cinema, a card game goes wrong and you are held for the night by Larry's gang until you can pay you losses! His henchman goes on a break, you have one hour to escape! Suitable for ages 12 up, adult themes including alcohol and Gambling, parental guidance advised. Game Difficulty 7/10


✅Fusion Confusion - NEW game for July 2020

The year is, em 2022, You find yourself trapped in Carlingfords secret hidden Nuclear Reactor after taking a wrong turn in the village, you and your friends must turn the reactor back on and escape the building within the hour or no one will survive! Can you crack the codes, find the key, solve the puzzles and ESCAPE? Suitable for teams of 2-6. This game is a winner for all ages! Book below now by selecting "Fusion Confusion"! Family price of 2 adults, 2/3 children €69

✅ New game coming in May 22