breakout the bride


CARLINGFORDS BEST SELLING HEN ACTIVITY 2018. We can cater for groups between 5 and 40. A 2 hour combination of our 5* escape rooms with a twist on a classic village scavenger hunt personalised with props and questions from the grooms side for both teams to find and answer. The Bride is centre stage for the entire 2 hours and takes part in everything as team leader.
The background story; It’s the night of the wedding, the bride has been arrested for stealing a bike and the groom(bridesmaid in costume) is under house arrest in the honeymoon suite of the Carlingford bay motel.

Either 2 or 4 Teams of between 2 to 7 must work together to become victorious.  The actual groom is contacted by the constable in charge of the case with a list of 10 questions. Teams are then given a chance to answer correctly in order to gain points. Final score will be tallied up from the scavenger hunt, escape room time and groom questions. 2 or 4 teams can play at same time. Winners get bubbly and there are team photographs at end. €25 per person.**PLEASE CALL /EMAIL TO BOOK THIS ACTIVITY 

This room is accessible. 


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