We specialise in Hen party activities here at HQ! We pride ourselves on our 5* customer service, bespoke games, personalised gifts and bubbly for everyone!! We have 4 activities that are suitable for groups of between 6 and 40 people. We promise our hen activities will be the highlight of your weekend in Carlingford. 

Our number #1 game of 2019 was our unique village escape game - "Groom on the loose". Using questions and photos from the groom, we create a personalised game that uses the village centre as the game zone, this is a competitive team game, ideal for all ages, granny will love it and as it isn't physical it is great for pregnant participants too. The game involves team work, creativity, selfies and a whole lot of fun. Some parts are played in our famous Carlingford bars so participants can stop for a refreshment. Beautiful personalised goodie bag for bride and copious amounts of cold bubbly for 1 hour after game is over as we do the scoring and prizes. This game will be the highlight of your weekend, guaranteed!! €24 pp. 1 - 2 hours in duration. Suitable for groups between 4 and 40.

"Breakout the bride" is a version of above game but 45 mins are played in our amazing escape rooms. The bride is team leader in team 1 and is always part of action, despite the name! She has the option to put on our beautiful prison striped uniform. The village escape part is reduced to 45 minutes for this activity. Personalised gift for bride and goodie back. Loads of lovely bubbly for everyone as we present prizes and scores. €27 pp. 2 hours long approx. Suitable for groups 6 - 32.

Escape Rooms. 2 different scenarios. Prison break and Fusion Confusion. Team work required to find the key, work out the clues, break the code, Escape!! Game lasts 1 hour. Suitable for groups 2 - 15. €18 pp. Photo gift for Bride.

"Runaway Bride" A personalised scavenger hunt style game that uses an ipad for mapping of various tasks or we can print it out for ease of use. Each game is personalised. Lasts 1.15 hours. 2 glasses of bubbly at end for all participants. Small personalised gift for bride. €21 pp.

"Village selfie Scavenger hunt" Team event. Each team must take 15 different photos and videos to complete the challenge. Locations must be found, creativity helps your score. 4 - 40 players. Lasts 1 hour. 1 bottle of bubbly per team. Small personalised gift for bride. €14pp and

To book all activities please email [email protected] or call +353871730653 and one of our staff will gladly help you out!!